Gordon Pembridge

Gordon Pembridge

Fine Art and Creative Woodturning


Woodturning Clubs and Associations

American Association of Woodturners
Association of Woodturners of Great Britain
Association of Woodturners South Africa
National Association of Woodworkers New Zealand
North Shore Woodturners
South Auckland Woodturners Guild
The Irish Woodturners Guild

Other Woodturners

Alan Carter   'Now I have entered a third phase of my artistic career with the use of a lathe'. 
Andy DiPietro US Wood turned vessels that are hand crafted using some of nature's most beautiful wood.
Ashwin Ramhith SA More of my time and energy has been devoted to woodturning as I have found it pleasurable.
Bill Kandler US Segmented turning.
Brendan Stemp AU Brendan is an Australian Woodturner from Melbourne.
Brain Millspaw US A carver, furniture maker and a woodturner.  Brain is well versed in all traditional styles of woodwork.
Carole Valentine US 'I orderd a JET mini lathe and the rest is history'.
Dewey Garrett US Educated in engineering, Dewey Garrett took up woodturning.
Don Kleinschnitz US Turned out right woodturning a collection of turned work. 
Douglas Fisher CAN This site is a showcase of wood turned art.
Ed Kelle US 'Each day at the lathe is an exciting adventure, as I push myself to develop my art further'.
Graeme Mackay NZ New Zealand based wood turner, Graeme Mackay.
Ian Outshoorn NZ Beautifully turned award winning wood, nice hats too.
Jack de Vos AU Well known for his fine turned vessels and sculptural turning.
Jacques Vesery US Creates beautiful illusions of reality in his work.
Jane Allnatt NZ Jane has to be one of New Zealand's leading carvers, with prizes for her work at Kawerau.
Jamie Donaldson US The fellowship of wood and steel coming together.
Jennie Starbuck UK 'Making shavings is definitely one of the best passtimes'.
John Williams US John has spent a lot of time placing websites of interest in his links page.
Joyce McCullough UA In recent years she has taken her carving skills and applied them to turning.
Katherine Kowalski US 'Above all I like to create items of fineness and delicacy'.
Holger Graf Germany  
Laymar Crafts UK Richard Stapley has to have the most links of any site showing others work.
Keith Holt US 'I continuously strive to see how the lathe will influence the form of the piece'.
Kelly Dunn Hawaii 'It is difficult to imagine wood turning more bewitching than the translucent treasures of Kelly Dunn'.
Kurt Hertzog US A frequent instructor and demonstrator who enjoys all aspects of turning.
Neil Turner Aus Most of Neil's artistic pieces have spent some time on the lathe
Nikos Siragas Greece An artistic woodturner and carver. Nikos has just written a new book.
Malcom Zander Canada True beauty and form can be found on this site by this Canadian Kiwi.
Mark Sanger UK 'For many years I have had an affinity with wood'.
Martin Edwards NZ 'I am always incorporating new materials into my work'.
Michael Foster US Breezy Hill Woodturning. 'I love working in the medium of wood'.
Michael Loeffler Germ Segmented turning.
Mike Stafford US 'My goal is to turn as many differnt styles of boxes using as many species of wood'.
Melissa (Truffulus) US Highly sought after delectable morsels that tempt and delight you.
Molly Winton US 'Since childhood I have always had an interest in Native Americian cultures, lore and artwork'.
Paul Johnston UK Paul has only been turning 4 years which I find hard to believe. 
Paul Hannaby UK For Paul, wood is more than just a visual and functional thing.
Ray Lanham US Ray specialises in segmented turning.
Richard Kennedy UK 'I focus on simple shapes with clean form'.
Robbie Graham NZ Award winning gallery work and art pieces by Robbie and Sue Graham.
Sean Troy US 'With wood you always make something unique because no two pieces are the same'.
Terry Scott NZ A turner who never stops, a great variety of works.

Tools and Suppliers

Bee Kind Eco Products Natural beeswax finishes.
Gemco Epoxy Gemco makes a range of speciality epoxies and associated products. 
Hunter Tools Mike Hunter has developed a cup tool system that using carbide tips.
Island Woodcraft Supplies Tools and specialty hardwoods for turners and carvers.
Kelton Industries Specializing in woodturning tools.
King Arthurs Tools New Zealand Agent Gary Steele has all the range including Merlin cutters.
Koru Pak Standard packaging and an extensive range of bio friendly products.
Organ Oil Natural oils and timber finishes.
Woodcut Tools Peter Hewitt leads the way in chisel technology in New Zealand.
Carrolls Woodturning Supplies Looking for those hard to find woodturning accessories. 
Teknatool New Zealand Home of the DVR.
Testntools 'The right tool for the job'.
TT Design  The 2 Terrys. The home of the Blowfly and the Spider sander.


Dreshler Magazine German Woodturning Magazine, edited by Holger Graf.
More Woodturning Fred Holders, More Woodturning is an informative subscription magazine.
The Shed Magazine Article's on woodturning and all sorts of interesting projects.
Woodturning Design Woodturning Design is a publication showcasing the art of woodturning.

Other Sites of Interest

New Zealand Creative Tourism  
Creative Tourism New Zealand has been set up to promote a range of interactive workshops sampling the best New Zealand art and culture has to offer.


Papakura Art Gallery 
Textures Gallery Parnell
Dunn Gallery Hawaii
The Kauri Museum Matariki Exibition 

Things to see and do while visiting New Zealand /Accommodation

Ancient Kauri Kingdom - Situated in Awanui at the top of the North Island.  34000 year old Kauri. The workplace of master turner Alby Hall.
Harcourt Holiday Park Upper Hutt - Camping, motel and cabins; adjacent to where the The Lord of the Rings was filmed.
The Kauri Museum - Internationally acclaimed heritage museum.